What can we do for you?

Our pads come in 1 color 2 color or full color ink. Most work will be produces within 2-3 days. The pads are backed by a strong card stock. We can pad in 25, 50 or 100 sheets to a pad

Note Pads pricing

There are 3 factors that most affect pads prices.
The color of ink with one color ink being the least costly. The number of sheets for a pad can be another factor when printing a large amount of pads. Having the ink go to the edge of the paper ( bleeds ) also adds to the price since the pad has to be printed on a largest sheet of paper and then trimmed.

Most popular Note Pads

Most popular pads size is the 5.5×8.5 and the most popular number of sheets per pad is 50. Since pads are made to write on, the paper used is 60# offset paper.