Expert Mail Merge Printing and Postcard Mailing Services

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At our specialized printing hub in Torrance, California, we offer a unique service that goes beyond standard printing. With our mail merge printing and postcard mailing services, we seamlessly integrate variable data into your printed materials and pair them with corresponding envelopes for a personalized touch.

Why Choose Mail Merge Services and Postcard Mailing?

When it comes to target marketing or reaching out to your customers through direct mail, consider employing our mailing services for these advantages:

  • Postage expenses often dominate mailing campaigns. By using our mailing services, you can save considerably on this crucial aspect of your campaign.
  • When we handle the mailing process, you’ll save on taxes, as there’s no tax on the printing expense.
  • Avoid the hassle and time-consuming process of managing it all yourself. Let our expert team take care of the details.
  • We use inkjet addressing directly onto the piece, ensuring a polished, professional look compared to using labels.
Postcard Mailing
Our Mailing Services

Our Mailing Services Include:

Processing your mailing list, Inkjetting addresses onto the piece, Inserting contents into envelopes, Sealing envelopes or tabbing booklets, Barcoding and sorting to meet post office specifications, Delivery to the post office.

Indicia Options

We can imprint an indicia on your piece during the printing stage. It can be our standard indicia or yours if you have one.Indicia options include First-Class, Standard Mail, or Non-Profit mail merge services.

Understanding Postcard Sizes for Mailing

Selecting the right postcard size is crucial for an effective direct mail campaign. Our range includes various sizes to suit your specific needs. From standard to oversized postcards, we have the options that make your message stand out.

Standard Mail vs. First-Class Mail

  • Standard Mail: This option offers a cost-effective solution, nearly half the cost of First-Class. It allows for pieces weighing up to 3oz, providing more flexibility.
  • First-Class Mail: While it comes at a higher cost, it guarantees next-day delivery, making it ideal for time-sensitive materials.

Cost-Effective Direct Mail Postcards

Our direct mail postcards are not only eye-catching but also budget-friendly. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes to ensure your message leaves a lasting impression.

We Value Your Feedback

We are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional experience. If you have any concerns or would like to share your thoughts on our service, we’re eager to hear from you.

Elevate your direct mail campaigns with our precise mail merge printing and postcard mailing services. Visit our store in Torrance, California, or contact us at to start making a memorable impression on your customers.