We specialize in

MAIL MERGE Printing and Postcard Mailing

Where we merge variable data into the printed material And match it to the envelopes it is mailed In.
We can print also mail merged postcard mailing services and mail merged Remit envelopes and payment slips.
All you need is an Excel file and a Word file with the letter You want to send.
We can impose it into your letterhead Mail merge the data, insert to the corresponding envelopes And mail it for you.

When your company embarks marketing effort or when there is a need to reach customers by a mailing piece consider using a mailing services.

Advantages of Mailing Service

  • Save Significantly on Postage which is usually the main expense in your mailing campaign.
  • Save on taxes since there is no tax on the printing expense when your printer mails your job.
  • Save on time and labor involved in doing it yourself.
  • Give your mail a professional look as we ink jet address into the piece instead of labels.

Cost Of Postage

The cost of your postage is set by the post office and not by us.
Using our mailing service will definitely lower your cost of postage. However, before the mailing process start we can only give you an approximate projected cost.
Only after your list has processed will we be able to tell the exact amount. The final amount of the postage cost depends mainly on how many pieces go to same zip code and how many contacts on the list you provide are deliverable. Mailing service usually takes 3-4 days to complete

Information about Postage

Standard mail or First Class mail

  • Standard Mail main advantage is the cost which is almost half of First Class
  • Standard Mail second advantage is more flexibility with the weight of the piece. it allows up to 3oz in weight while First Class to 1oz.
  • Standard Mail main disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that it will be delivered by the post office next day. In the South Bay area standard mail is usually delivered within 1 to 3 days but there are no guarantee that it will not take more time.
  • First Class Mail strength is in the next day delivery guarantee.
  • First-class Mail disadvantage is the cost and the restriction to 1oz weight or increase in postage cost.

Mailing Services includes

Processing your mailing list, Ink jetting addresses into the piece, inserting what goes inside the envelope. Sealing envelopes or tabbing booklets, Bar coding, sorting according to the post office specifications, and delivery to the post office.

When we provide mailing service, we print indicia on the piece at the printing stage. It can be our indicia or yours if you have one. The indicia can be First Class, Standard mail, or Non-Profit.

We strive to provide our clients with the greatest possible experience, so if you have a concern that needs to be fixed – or simply want to share your thoughts on the level of service you had – we want to hear from you.